Set Dance is a form of social dancing which has been popular in Ireland for over 150 years. Sets are danced by four couples in a square, and usually consist of three to six Figures with a short pause between each. They are derived from French Quadrilles which were brought to Ireland in the nineteenth century. Irish dancers adapted the figures to their own music and steps to form dances with great drive and enjoyment. Irish Set Dance is the most popular way of dancing in Ireland and has passionate supporters worldwide.



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Setdance … ‘it’s all about People‘ !



Hi I’m Andrea Forstner

1985 I discovered Ireland. Right away, I fell in love with the country, Irish culture and music. With my family, I returned many times to County Clare, where my children did their first steps in the soft sand at the Atlantic coast. 1998 I got addicted to Set Dancing and the only cure was to attend as many Workshops, Ceilis and Summer Schools as possible. This has not changed until today. Over all those years, Pat Murphy has inspired my dancing more than anybody else, and I pass his experience on to my dancing friends with gratitude.
Since 2003 I am organizing the Erlangen Irish Set Dance Weekend every year in February, with great support by my family. Every Thursday night, I meet my Set Dance class in our local Irish Pub “Goldener Mond” in Erlangen, we always have great Craic there.
1998 I danced my first Cashel Set ever in the Armada Hotel during the Willy Clancy Week in Miltown Malbay. Not knowing what I was doing, messing up this beautiful Set, being totally desperate, my kind and helpful Irish dancing partner lifted up my spirit by telling me: “It has to be fun, that’s what it’s all about!”

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